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samsung please bring back the microsd card slot

(Topic created: 11-02-2021 06:11 PM)
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please bring back the the micro sd card slot, please stop trying to get apple consumers you'll have to know by now they are brainwashed but us android users will switch over to the most feature packed phone. there's not much difference between google and Samsung and the micro sd card slot gives the phone an edge #sd 
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it's about cost... and apple never was going to use sd cards.... Motorola still has them in there phones...
now I heard a rumor that the s21 fe may have a SD card slot
Galaxy S Phones

Please bring back the SD Card Samsung. It was a deal breaker for me when I updated to S21 phones. Returned the same day when I realized that there is no SD Card. Why should we be spending money on Cloud when we can get storage locally. SD Cards was the only reason I stuck with Samsung !!