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Re: 407 Error Samsung S10 plus frimware update not completing.

@Jay807 @userMV1dwVoYYg @Natey @Samsung_Q7nlI2E 

You may need to try the fix below:

  1. Go to 'Settings' > 'Software update' and hit 'UICC Unlock'
  2. It loads for a moment, then says SIM Restricted... Hit 'OK'
  3. It takes you back to the 'Settings' > 'Software update screen'. Hit 'Download and install'
  4. It loads for a moment, then says Your software is up to date...
  5. Then open that notification saying the profile didn't update.
  6. It loads for a minute, then says Profile updated... Hit 'OK'
  7. It loads again for another minute and says something similarly. Hit 'OK'

Otherwise does the below help?


If that did not correct the issue the next step may be to have the software reflashed. I know this can be done at any authorized service center.


You may also need to reach out to your carrier on specific firmware update issues like this.


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