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48 /50 / 60 fps not available for FILMIC PRO and others third party apps?? Why is nonsens is that?



I have a Galaxy S10 and thats right. I can't make my own Slo Mo footage with Filmic Pro because I can't Select 48/50 or 60 fps. Just 30 or! 120 /240. Why is that??? You provide a pro smartphone for filmakers but then you cheats them this way????

You Samsung guys offer a competitive Video Camera to compite with Apple, so we choose your brand, and pay a lot for it...but then we find out we can use fully the device capabilitys because for nothing.

So disappointed. 

I use iphone for several years, and this year choose samsung first time in my life because of its video camera and pum....!!! 


If there is somebody guys that could resolve this any ways I'll really apreciate your help right here.