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Adding a network - using Yamaha "MusicCast"

I use a Yamaha RX-V485 receiver on which I can use what they call a "MusicCast" network, to add WiFi remote speakers.  This is done with the "Yamaha MusicCast" app on my phone.

To add a device --- i.e., a wireless remote speaker, I start uo the App, then:

 - go to "Settings"

 - Click on "Add new device"

 - Power on your audio device (i.e., the remote speaker) snd click "next"

 - press and hold the "connect" button on the MusicCast device


This causes the app to search for the device.

Now.... here's the part that's an Android function:

After half a minute or so it tells me "go to your Android WiFi settings [a standard screen

on the phone and select the 'MusicCastSetup' network, then return to the MusicCast app and enter '12345678' for MusicCastSetup password."


Now ... the "MusicCastSetup" network isn't on the list of available networks (my own WiFi is there, so are the SSIDs of my neighbors' WiFi's, none of which matters), so I click on "+Add network."

I type in "MusicCastSetup" and click "save."   Then, absolutely nothing else happens!!  It doesn't add the requested network to my available list, it give me no error message, Nothing. 


I can repeat the above steps and nothing different happens.


OK, what would you do????