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After the most Recent Update the IMO Application Does Ring on the Lock Screen



I just recently upgraded to the Galaxy S10+ about a couple of weeks ago. My IMO application was working properly at the time of purchase. After the latest update which I installed on 1/29/2020, IMO no longer wakes up the phone when locked and allows me to answer calls directly from there. I still have access to my old Samsung Note 8 which also still receives IMO calls and when locked I get the notification on screen with the option to answer or decline the call. On my new Galaxy S10 when an incoming IMO call arrives I just hear the app ringing.  It does not even vibrate. In order to answer the call, I have to unlock the phone, open the IMO application,  and tap return to call in order to answer. This often makes me miss calls. When I look at my notifications for IMO under settings I see notifications allowed for Mute, Notifications, Ongoing imo call, Story notifications, and App icon badges. What is interesting is that when I go further into notifications under IMO and click on Lock screen I only have two options, "Hide content" and "Do not show notifications". There is no option to allow notifications. Has anyone else experienced this. This issue is extremely frustrating and I would love to find a resolution. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!


Re: After the most Recent Update the IMO Application Does Ring on the Lock Screen

Same issue with me . Uninstall imo and download imo plus old version 4.1 its appearing call on lock screen