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After ver10 update WiFi down arrow always on

Just got the latest update on 12/21/19. I am on Verizon. Now all of a sudden (since the update) the down arrow (downloading), is constantly on. I do not know if it is actually downloading something or what. This does not happen when wifi is off and data from carrier is on. In other words it doesnt happen if I use moble data with wifi off. Both up and down on mobile data are off unless it is indeed doing something.

Curious if anyone else is having this issue? I rebooted router, cleared cache on the phone, and did the forget network thing on phone but still happens. Battery also seems to drain a little bit quicker since I got this update.

I did not do a factory reset after the update...I am trying to avoid that.

Has anyone else noticed this on their phone? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Phone is Galaxy s10e on Verizon.