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Android 10 One UI 2.0 Update Broke Theme Store

After updating my Galaxy s10+, the theme store no longer works..I can no longer see all the purchases ive made (and ive purchased many stuff) and I can no longer browse themes. No results show under themes when scrolling from developers. I should have more than 50 themes but only about 5 purchases show. When i apply a theme, the Contacts screen is all White and doesnt get changed with the theme. Other parts may be left out of being changed also.

Im assuming Samsung and the Developers need to update both the Theme Store and Individual Themes so this can work correctly with Android 10.


Is a any1 else having issues with the Theme store after the update?


I haven't tried clearing the storage data in the App section which may be my next step if i dont see that an update will fix this or get suggestions to fix...


Re: Android 10 One UI 2.0 Update Broke Theme Store

I've had this exact issue since I updated to Android 10 in December. It's been over 2 months now and nothing. I've purchased, no exaggeration.. over 100 themes. And now most don't work properly. And I used to have 100s of themes on my wishlist and was planning on buying when they go on sale. Now most of are gone. And I can't see or purchase from any of my favorite developers. I'm so angry. I would have never updated. It was working perfectly before the update. Also, Good Lock in the Samsung Store. No longer works and I was also using that to customize my themes even further. What was the point of me spending hundreds of dollars on themes and customization for it to be all taken away without warning? If this doesn't get fixed soon. I want a refund for all the themes I purchased. Unbelievable.