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Big jump to the S10, any advice?

I had the Galaxy S8+ before this one I have now, the Galaxy S10. I LOVED my S8+, the size especially. But a tiny little part on the bottom corner of my screen cracked, causing the whole screen to randomly blank out and glitch in and out. Everywhere wants near 350$ to fix the screen, so my question is who here has a model since the S8+ and absolutely loves it? Pros vs cons (if any of either)? Type of case you've used that was better than the most? Any other details or information youd like to share on anything pertaining!? Thanks so much! #samsungforlife

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Re: S10



going from the S8 to the S10 series is a big jump.


#1. Processor:

S10 series comes with a Snapdragon 855 processor compared to the S8s Snapdragon 835 processor. This upgrade comes with greater efficiencies in battery life, gaming, power, multitasking, and so forth. The S10 will feel buttery smooth compared to older generations.


#2. Camera:

S10s come with three cameras, a main 12 MP camera, a 16 MP ultra wide camera, and a 12 MP telephoto camera for zooming. This is a big upgrade from the S8s single 12 MP camera on the back.

With the S10, you get better quality on your photos, can take amazing ultra wide photos, and can zoom even further into objects with your camera without losing considerable quality. 


#3. Battery:

The S10 comes with a 3400 mAH battery and the S10+ comes with a 4100 mAH battery capacity. That is a significant upgrade over the S8s 3000 mAH battery and S8+ 3500 mAH battery capacity. Coupled with significant software and processor upgrades, you can expect the battery on the S10 series to be considerably better than the S8. S10 users report around 14-16 hours of battery life with moderate usage. 


Also, there are multiple Samsung Care authorized centres in the United States as well, where you can get your Samsung phone diagnosed, repaired, etc. 


For Samsung Care Authorized locations near you:


Some of the cases and screen protectors I love for the S10:



These cases will do a great job in protecting the phone. They are rubberized on the outside and contains a shell in the inside, which means greater protection against drops, and physical damage



These screen protectors will do a great job as well in protecting the phone. Their glass variants are particularly good in protecing against scratches on the screen.


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