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BixbyRoutines data and screen saver

Save data if on a limited data plan because dropping to 2g/3g speeds with 1½ week left on billing cycle ain't fun. Stop backfround data and app snooping when not in use. You still get calls & text messages. Just no data til you open selected apps.

Add routine....... If start button is pressed then turn off data! Save and press 3dots top right to add to home screen. Name it DataOff 

Add routine......... if app[select what particular apps you want]opened. Then turn on data.
 When you leave app, data turns off.

 If you frequently forget or fear leaving your screen on brightness to high and getting screen burn. Set up routine that at a certain time. Maybe 10minutes after your known bed time. About 10:30p.m. you know you sleep. Screen automatically drops brightness to 1% until time set you awake 8:00a.m. That definitely save from screen burn if fell asleep at near max brightness