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Bluetooth will not connect - tell social media of the widespread issues

I had to file a claim with the insurance due to the bluetooth not connecting at all.   I was told by a repair place that it is internal.  Not sure if it the way it was delivered help - not packaged correctly in the shipping box 3x the phone box size, open with the phone and box contents all over the inside of the shipping box.  I thought Samsung "cared about its customers" but there is no way to report their factories or shipping warehouses dont care about how they are shipping out merchandise it cost their customers a lot of money to buy. 

I filed my claim tuesday night, got the phone Thursday just before 8p.  It too was shipped in a box 3x larger than its merchandising box, no padding, rattliing around.  The UPS guy held it on edge to make sure I did not detect the rattling until I had signed for it.   this time the merchandising box was almost open, the contents still inside it but just about to come out.  Cannot tell if it is damaged.  I do know the blue tooth works.  That was something I checked tonight.  How do I know if other issues are not there?   

I bought the note 9 because of the awesome camera and had to get it serviced because of the well known (by samsung) issues of camera buzz, non focus at zoom and major overheating that they did not solve, just hoped it would be out of warranty before the issues started!   The camera repair did not return it to original condition.  There is still fuzz/nonfocus at zoom!  I got the 10+ because i did not want to get the iPhone - possibly a big mistake.   All those I could chat with, call and talk to, pass the buck on telling samsung their product is a damage waiting to happen.  The disregard with which they send products that "valued" customers spent a lot of money on is the whole company's true attitude?  It would seem that way.   Looking at reality, looking at actions instead of closing your eyes and listening to pretty words you want to hear  opens your eyes to some ugly truths.   The same disdain that those who mail your items is the same attitude that collects your money for defective merchandise while calling you a valued customer, then laughs when there are issues.   

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Bluetooth will not connect - tell social media of the widespread issues

Good morning, I am sorry to hear of you negative experience. Did you file your insurance claim through your service provider, or do you have Premium Care?

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