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Bypass the digital zoom on Samsung S10+

I've seen this posted before but unaware of anybody has found a solution?

Im looking to use the telephoto lens combined with a macro lens to get some macro shots. But the telephoto lens automatically jumps to the 'normal' standard lens and digitally zooms to X2 whenever 'it' decides there is low light. Is there anyway to disable this auto feature or any way to bypass it or trick the camera into staying with the telephoto lens once I select it. I can select the other two lens and they are locked in but with the telephoto it often jumps back to the regular lens. Very frustrating to have a telephoto lens which is very rarely used and often replaced with unecisery digital zoom. I was already frustrated that pro mode only works with the standard lens but this is insult to injury. Why have 3 lens if you are locked Into using the standard lens anyway? Look forward to hearing back from Samsung on this one... Maybe it's time to look at heading back to Apple or another competitor