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Calender won't sync with Google calender

I looged into my Google account on my S10 but it won't sync the calender properly in the Samsung calender app.

After over 30 minutes of trying stuff, it finally synced my old calender entries (at first only a single calender, then the rest) but now it won't sync newly created entries:

If I create a new entry on my old S7 and hit "sync", the entry instantly shows up on the website (PC) but it won't download to my S10, when I hit "sync" on it. If I create a new entry on my S10 and hit "sync", it also won't sync to the website or my S7.

I stopped the "Calender" app, emptied the cache, deleted the data and even toggled off both "calender" and "calender synchronization" in "settings / applications / special access / battery optimized apps" (see here) but nothing helped.

How do I get this thing to sync properly and instantly whenever I hit the "sync" button?


Edit: I just checked the website again and all of a sudden the entry I created on the S10 shows up there too - it took about 10 minutes! The old entry I created on my S7 hasn't synced to my S10 yet though (even though it already shows up on the website)!