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Call & text on other devices (Verizon)

So I just purchased a new S6 Lite Tablet (box store) to go with my S10e phone (purchased from Verizon). So I find out I can not use "Call & text on other devices" on Verizon network. You have to use their crappy Verizon Messages app (tried it and it is not seamless at all). Apple devices are able to communicate with each other as designed without the use of Verizon app. Samsung needs to step up and demand Verizon free up their locked features to create a fair playing field. I am going to have to change something either carrier or device brand. So before I return this tablet and buy an iPad (and in the future iPhone) I would like to know if I can unlock the phone? By this I mean if I were to switch to another carrier with my current S10e would this feature then be accessible?  It is currently not even in my settings. If not I guess I would have to buy a new phone and we are back to may as well get iPhone on current carrier