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Cosmic Ray

Camera Software: Needs to be/should be improved!

The camera software how it processes the image, is different than how it first appears when we snap a picture, but That's not the problem though:

- The problem is that, for example, when on ultra wide angle or wide, when you take a picture, it automatically adjusts the sky and bright windows to show up more clearly, pretty, and noticeable, which is a VERY GOOD..

> BUT in return, it SMOOTHES out the floor and other things apart from the sky and windows. It makes other things LOOK LESS SHARP and FUZZY, like the floor from inside a house.

(I have proof but oddly I do not see an option to add attachments for pictures :/ even though I did it before. anymore).

@ This is on S10 phone cameras running on ANDROID 10, with the new camera "improvements".

☆ I just really hope Samsung improves better the camera softwate now, and when TAKING a picture of a window from INSIDE a house, for example, it makes the window look clear, but it also makes the floor fuzzy and less sharp, which looks bad when on ultra wide angle.

I hope there is more of a BALANCE.