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Child Lock

It would be pretty handy if the phone could have a kind of "child lock" setting, which would shut down most of the responses to inputs, and in their place just do some cute, simple warps and animations of whatever is on the screen, or something. 


Each app would really have to program its own response to the child lock setting, but by default I guess it would have no functions except play and stop controls on any audio or video that's playing. 


And of course it would need a way to turn the setting off, and it would need to be not the first thing a kid finds when they scroll down the edge to see settings. It would be good if it had a bunch of play settings when it's in child lock mode, so that a kid trying to turn the setting off gets distracted by these other fun things that happen instead of finding the off switch. 

Cosmic Ray

Re: Child Lock

you do have kids mode built into the device you can also pin your app hope this helps 😁