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Connection to Samsung Gear S3

Hi there,


I am hoping someone can help me understand what is going with my Samsung Galaxy S10 and it's connectivity with my Samsung Gear S3 watch, as well as unexpected connection and disconnection alerts on my phone, and unaccounted for steps on my Samsung Health App. 


As mentioned above I receive random alerts on my phone indicating my S3 watch becomes either disconnected or connected to my phone. This occurs irrespective of whether my phone and watch are near each other or even if my watch has had no battery or is turned off for an extended period of time. 


Over time I have wondered what is causing my phone to do this, and I have checked if my Samsung account has been logged in to other devices and it has not. Also this notification occurs irrespective of distance or my Bluetooth being on or off. 


Further, upon waking up I sometimes find my step count being in the three digits i.e. 250 and again this is on waking. This has been happening around and during the same timeframe as my other issue listed above. 


This has been occurring for around 8 months. 


If someone could help me with some problem solving it would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance for your time. 






Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Connection to Samsung Gear S3

Have you tried resetting your watch? Give this link a try:

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