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Contacts issues, Unable to answer phone calls, etc!

(Topic created on: 11/9/20 1:38 AM)
Galaxy S10

I've owned an S10 since March 2019 and its had MAJOR issues since the FIRST DAY I GOT IT.



Contacts have disappeared and then later they've re-appeared,  sometimes in duplicate, triplicate OR more!  Sometimes its a day,  sometimes its months before they reappear. 

 'Some' Contacts, new OR old will suddenly have more than 1 entry of the same address, birthdate, relationship, etc.  I looked at one of my contacts yesterday and it had 11 addresses!!.... all the same. I dont know if it still does today because about 2 hours ago I lost more than half of my Contacts.  I have no idea where they've gone.  I just spent an  hour or more on Chat with Samsung earlier tonight. I tried everything she suggested but my Contacts never reappeared. 

Regarding the extra addresses in the accounts, its beginning to look like its happening the most with the people I'm in contact with the most often.   I know that's strange, but almost everything about this phone is strange..... and it has been since the first day I got it.

  I have screenshots to prove a lot of the things it has done up to this point.

I 'sometimes', not every time, get phone calls, usually from my husband that I can hear the phone ring but no screen will come up so that I can answer it.  It happened again tonight more than once. I've missed very important calls from doctors' because I couldn't find a way to answer the call.

The screen freezes up often. My only choice is to restart the phone. 

Often when I'm on the Web I'll try to scroll up and it won't do it..... it will only sit there and FURIOUSLY 'jerk' up and down. The only choice I have is to close down the Web totally and reopen it. Sometimes,  again, the only way to stop it is to restart the phone.  

I have screenshots showing 3 or 4 Web pages that overlapped each other. The screen of course ended up freezing.  I tried every way I knew how to back it up,  close the pages,  etc. Nothing worked so I had to restart it again. 

I have no idea if I've told you about ALL of the issues it has, but ANY 'ONE' of these problems are more than enough to be upset. Since March 2019 I've spent 'HOURS ON THE PHONE OR ON CHAT WITH SAMSUNG AND MY CARRIER AT&T, 3 AND 4 HOURS EACH TIME. Approximately 2 months ago I spent over 7 hours on the phone with Samsung and AT&T and still nothing was accomplished.    Samsungs' records of the conversations we've have had, if printed, they'd need to cut down a Redwood in order to get enough paper to print them on.   This phone has been Factory reset 3 times by me under Samsungs direction while on the phone with them. I myself did the last Factory reset on my own. Id already done it enough times under their instructions,  I already knew how to do it.  Last week I took the phone to an independent cell phone repair store that had great reviews on Google. 2 days and $65.00 later.... they couldn't find anything wrong with it, even though I'd shown them many of its problems.  They said they had no way of explaining what it does. 

I am researching cell phones OTHER THAN SAMSUNG. I'm past frustrated.  Maybe the company is too big to worry about 'little ole me' but you would think as many times as I've contacted them a 'red flag' would go up.  I've never been contacted by them after ANY of the Chats or phone calls to see if I'm still having trouble with the phone. I cant help but believe they intended to keep 'stringing me along' until the 1 year warranty expired so I'd get frustrated enough to be stupid enough to buy another new phone from them.   Which I'm embarrassed to say, I did last week.  I bought a S20 fe. I kept it for 1 week and took it back. And,  I about forgot to mention.... some of these problems I've told here, first began with my S4, continued and got a little worse with my S7.... and then I was foolish enough to buy this S10 which has been the worst of all.  I believe whatever was wrong with the S4 keeps getting transferred to each new phone...BUT... as I've told you... I've been told by many so called professionals that there's nothing wrong with it.... so, it can be only be the operator or it has a poltergeist.   Take your pick. 

Sorry for such a long post but as I said, this stuff has been going on for years and for the first time ever, during my chat with Samsung tonight, I was told about this site. 


If anyone can tell me if 'I'm' somehow causing these problems PLEASE  contact me . I'll take any suggestions.  

Thanks for letting me vent.



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