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DONT BUY Samsung Galaxy S10 Bad Audio Noise External Mic Issues and Worst After Customer Service

Dont Buy Samsumg Galaxy S10 it has known issue with Audio sound especially with external microphone. This is not a Profession Pro Video Filming Phone - you will not be able to use an external microphone. The external microphone audio will have major background grainy noise throughout video even with using high end quailty micophones for example Rode VideoMic NTG, Rode Wireless Go, Samson Go and other friends complained they had audio noise issues with logi tech, turtle beach, gaming micophones, there also lots of other complains on Samsung Galaxy s10 on audio and external micophone on internet - so it is an issue on that model S10 phone. Samsung Customer Service Care - DONT EXPECT ANY HELP - There IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE - there is NO after care - EXPECT to be Ignored, EXPECT service centre to not look at the actual real fault which is the external mic audio noise (how can Samsung legally get away with not looking at the actual fault that is - Dodgy), EXPECT Samsung to act unethically not replace phone (it is a Faulty product, the law is has to be replaced), EXPECT complaint to take 5 months minimum and still going, EXPECT to have to complain multiple times to actual get something action, EXPECT to have to complian to get some movement or response, EXPECT for issue not to be resolved properly, EXPECT to be without a phone while this is all happening with NO replacement or temparory phone even if running a business, EXPECT your requests for escalating to Senior Manager to be ignored - your requests will be given to another Junior staff member (which has not been made transparent to customer - as the customer you think your case has been passed to or escalated to a manager - instead your case has been pass to a side college), EXPECT to only deal with junior staff in resolutions centre, EXPECT Samsung manager will never talk directly with any customer ever - that what I was told - so only Junior customer service deals with complains - that is ridiculous, when a customer has a complex issue, major, 3 month on going issues which is turning into 5 months, customer is told that is the request for escalation is not going to happen and you told too bad, EXPECT to be told you can not escalate issue to manager (what business do they run - I never heard of any business that you can not escalate an issue to management ). The standard Practice for Faulty item - is replace with working like or better product. That has not happened and been series of issues. 3 days ago I was told now will refund, previously I was told I could not get a refund as was on a plan - this not a good option for many reasons, 1. expect me to pay $1,400 now before they can reimburse me and Samsung then does not reimbursement me for another 2 months later (1. why am I paying more money? 2. why do I pay more and then I not be reimbursed with in 2 days (but instead 50 days later), 3. I am with out a phone for those 2 months too (already with out a phone for 3 months, this will be 5 months not resolved) 3. Plus I have to go buy another phone (so that 2 Phones I have to buy and NO REFUND) 4. Impossible to contact Optus at moment to buy out plans (even if want too), cant. This is not a solution especially 5 months down the track, at this stage in the game replace with a better phone that works and agree on. WARNING - To ANYONE Buying Samsung Phone - With After Care Customer Service Like This - WOULD YOU EVER BUY SAMSUNG. Do you want to Smartphone for Professional Video - YOU DONT WANT SAMSUMG GALAXY S10 or SAMSUNG GALAXY S20. Professional video - need a jack - the S20 has no jack for headsets or microphones - to be get good sound qaulity you need a jack to use microphones and S10 has bad audio issues - pro Video, utube, bloggers, website. And if you have an issue with phone - dont expect any thing to be fixed or resolved.