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Disappointed, ideas, suggestions

I have been an android user and a Samsung user since the very 1st Samsung came out. I have always liked Samsung because they're the only devices that have the LED notification light. I have the Galaxy S10 plus, which I do love this phone but I am disappointed in a few factors. 1st of all, this phone has 5 cameras and not one of them can take video and pictures using all front and back cameras at the same time. I am also disappointed that the phone doesn't have the LED notification light anymore. That's one of the biggest reasons why I like Samsung. I shouldn't have to go through a 3rd party app and pay to have that feature, and download an app for WhatsApp, dou, hangouts for video calling someone on their smartphone, I shouldn't have to have my wifi on to do that either. For a smartphone that is a $1000, and then also having to put almost $400 down payment on the phone, to be honest, these advanced  devices should  able to do magic tricks. Any one who has a smartphone that's able to make video calls should be able to do that with any device on any network and right now the only devices that can do that are Apple users for the iphones. they can make video calls through any iPhone to any provider,  sprint, tmobile,  us cellular, att , ect you can't do that with Samsung phones, you have to have the same phone and network /carrier to those who you are trying to video call with. We as customers who pay so much money for these  advanced devices, we should be able to video call any smartphone to another smartphone thru any network and carriers. It's not fair that us android Samsung users cant do that but just the iPhone can, and Samsung phones are so much better.  The amount of money that you have to spend to get the most advanced phone is running about the same amount of money a month is your rent and yet there's a lot of features on the phone that are just made for kids to play around with. when us adults like myself use the phone to its fullest compatibility I am going to use all the features that come with the phone because I'm paying so much money for it I'm going to take advance of it.  I'm also disappointed that the Galaxy as 10 plus runs a lot slower than what I anticipated. Samsung needs to come up with more customization like for instance on my phone I personalize everything from my contacts I have to take a picture the person or a Spring trap their Facebook profile picture and then crop it and then put it on to their phone number and then put in their work information email information address birthday ringtones all of that and I would like to make this gestion of the adding on to the always on display screen where instead of having the icons be like a missed call or mix a missed text message or miss email that souls the picture of the person that sent you that text snapshot anything that came from them it would so their picture and then underneath it it would show if they called you if they emailed you and then you would get an alert if it's their birthday instead having to go through Google Calendar to find out I wish I was able to link all of myself a media accounts to the correct contact then my phone book. Samsung's a lot better phones and yet you can't do that if you video call somebody they have bring out the same phone and how the same network not a lot of people have the same network.  Samsung or android and stick come up with an update very soon where you are able to connect all of your social media accounts to those specific contacts in your phone book.


I totally agree... I just bought my note 10plus and not v...

I totally agree... I just bought my note 10plus and not very impressed by it! The fact that price went sky high from $350 to $1100 without amazing or much improvement functions makes so unhappy! Unfortunately I switched from apple to Samsung since note 3 and I'm used to the functionality otherwise missed apple that is much friendly and easier to use!