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Dodge Uconnect not compatible with S10?!

I recently purchased a 2012 Dodge Durango which apprently requires Uconnect compatibiliity  for the 430N radio system. When I go to the Uconnect website to add my device, S10 isn't even an option; it only goes up to S9. WTAF!? The S10 has been out for almost 11 months and Uconnect still doesn't have compatability for the 430N? I NEED HELP!!!!

Cosmic Ray

Re: Dodge Uconnect not compatible with S10?!

I just had a chat with Samsung support to see if Samsung is going to officially recognize this incompatiblity. Apparently they are going to blame it on UConnect.  It looks like I am going to have to get rid of my 2014 RAM 1500 in order to use my $1200 Samsung Note 10+.  The technician says I should wait for UConnect to update its software.  (Tip: It is the Samsung firmware update and not UConnect).  This "situation" needs to spread like wildfire in forums where phones are reviewed. Bluetooth is backwards compatible.