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Edge Glass Breaking

Been an LG guy for a long time but I switched to the S10plus just last year and have to say its a really good phone. Problem I have with it is the edge of the glass seems to be a weak point on it. I have it in a case and a screen protector on it and it still cracked right on the edge twice on separte occasion's while in my pocket. No there was nothing else in my pocket with it and it was just normally actives I was doing, nothing crazy.  Since it cracked it has spidered out and right over the finger print area. So that is not working now and to repair it is around $300. So samsung might want to look into making the fix cheaper or findng a way to make the edgeing stronger. Had the phone for about a year and now I loss one of the best features on it.

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Re: Edge Glass Breaking

@usersw8F1FwGvi ,


I completely understand your issue. Due to consumers asking for a larger screen devices are now edge to edge glass screen. With the phone being all screen I always recommend a case with a raised bezel to protect the edges. My favorite is Tech21, the material absorbs the shock of a drop and it has a raised bezel to protect the screen edges.  All cases dont offer the same protection. I suggest contacting 1-800-Samsung to verify the repair cost. 


Hope this was helpful!
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