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Extreme battery drain



I am experiencing a sudden battery drain mostly during the nights. Sometimes when i charged my phone, directly after that the battery drain is insane. Last afternoon for example i charged my phone. Directly after that the drain starts. It is not my usage of the phone, because it drains even more when im sleeping and i am not using my phone. It happened to me a few times that during the night my phone drained completely. In this case i woke up because of the buzzing-dieing battery noise the phone made around 3:00am. I decided to charge my phone because i need my alarm to wake up. 


Just for your information: This does not happen every day/night. Its just random for me. Most of the times the drain in the night is around 5%. But sometimes it drains from 60% until it's dead. 

What is happening?? Please see the pictures for explanation. 20200206_073625.jpg20200206_073643.jpg



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Re: Extreme battery drain



I have the galaxy S9 and the same thing happened the night before last. I've never seen it do this before. Android Os used 21%, Device idle used 7%, Android System used 4%, Cell standby used 3%. Sometimes the first battery page will show Samsung push service and Google play services have been running in the background since the 12:00pm day view reset and sometimes the first page is empty. With this issue I had a few apps listed as running in the background and used around 5%. I've never seen that before either. 

I cleared the system cache partition, checked the notification log file, checked the mobile and wifi data usage, powered off the phone, charged it to 100%, and everything else I could think of. Yesterday I charged it to 100% and woke it up 15 hrs later and the battery level is at 96%. I'll keep an eye on it for the next few days. If it does that again I'll factory data reset. 

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December 1st , 2019



Re: Extreme battery drain

Tip: Don't charge overnight