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FIX the Samsung S10 plus broken 2x faux zoomed in front facing camera!

ALL SAMSUNG S10 & Plus USERS please like and reply and share this and make it KNOWN you won't stand for this in a phone at this price point! A $1000 phone that doesn't take wide angle selfies or social media videos!?!?! It defaults to a 2x faux artificial crop!?!? Many have complained and Samsung has done NOTHING for over 3 months except issue software updates that apparently made things worse on the S8 and S9 as well!


I apologize for my over the top tone but coming from the galaxy s6 edge plus which I loved and used for 4 years until it was dead (bring back replacable batteries),  I am astounded at the terrible issues with the front facing camera on the s10 plus (the whole s10 line) and all the research I have conducted on the web and calling Best Buy and calling Samsung has done nothing. The front facing camera defaults to a faux false fake 2x zoom, and it always does this when shooting video on the native samsung camera app and it's ugly and low quality and needs to be fixed or you need to issue refunds NOW!




#1 - the s10 plus front camera is not as wide angle as past cameras

#2 the s10plus front facing camera defaults to a almost 2x zoom (artificial software zoom)

#3 even though you can select the wide angle icon in the native samsung camera app, this is only for stills, as soon as you slide over to video it will pop back to the ugly 2x zoom


#4 this gets even worse in all social media apps that use the front facing camera because they take a lower quality image of an already lower quality image


THIS IS NOT an issue with Snapchat, facebook, Instagram, Skype, or any 3rd party app, this is a SAMSUNG issue.  Their stupid camera app software ALWAYS DEFAULTS to the 2x artificial zoomed in mode.  Even if you select wide angle it is only for one picture and then when you open the camera app again it will be back to the ugly zoomed mode. RIDICULOUS ON THE TOP HIGH END FLAGSHIP PHONE FOR THIS PRICE.


Again, it is impossible to take a video using the wide angle (ka the real lens) as the phone always pops back into the artificial 2x zoom on the front facing camera as soon as you change from photo mode to video mode - and there is no icon on video mode to switch back.


SAMSUNG FIX THIS NOW OR REFUND ME! This is terrible to not be able to use a phone at this price point for social media and you have had hundreds of people complaining and done nothing.


- Blackout

Fix your damn native camera software Samsung. Since the last update the front facing camera in the galaxy S8 , S9 , & entire S10 line has a horrible 2x artificial crop / zoom in that can not be avoided even when you select the wide angle icon because as soon as you go to video mode it pops back ...