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Failed IKONIK SKIN with SCENARIO Promotion

Bought the s10 three days ago and have never owned an iphone. I have owned a Samsung for over 15 years. The failure to honor the ikonik skin with scenario promotion timely has me  seriously considering the iphone before my 14 day store warranty expires. I am a firm believer that a product that promotes to do a particular thing, should do it. The finger pointing by Samsung that the issue is with Epic Games is despicable!!! Epic Games' email only customer service is even more despicable!!! I got instructions today (6/1/19) from Epic games to use those same bogus steps to "make sure the store settings are set to Samsung." Samsung, for you to hide behind "the problem is with Epic Games" when you know you promoted a sale based on what Epic Games offered is disingenuous. Samsung and Epic Games, You owe it to your customers to use media resources if necessary to keep us informed. #UpdateUs


Re: Failed IKONIK SKIN with SCENARIO Promotion

Same issue on new S10.  Fortnite purchase denied failed for $0 package  Ticket to Epic Games tell me it's Samsung problem.  Samsung tells me it's Epic Games problem. After three days of this circle jerk returned the S10.