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Feature Bring back request Samsung Contacts

This isn’t so much a feature request as it is a request to bring it back. The Samsung Contacts app a few versions ago allowed me to assign custom message notifications to contacts, as well as custom ringtones, and vibration patterns. For some strange and absurd reason, they have taken that feature away. Yes, I can add the custom notifications to the conversations in the messaging app, but if I clear my convo’s out (Which I tend to do since having too many tends to slow the phone down), I lose that and have to wait till I start a new conversation with that person to put it back. I cannot express just how utterly frustrating and irritating this is! Why would they remove such a simple function and screw it up like this??? Please please PLEASE bring this back! I had custom message notifications for many of my family and friends as well as clients! Now, I’m stuck with whatever default notification I have set unless I use a different contacts/messaging app. I really don’t want to do that.