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Finding good phone cases is a challenge with the S10 when you have Zagg shield

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 5:51 PM)
Galaxy S10

Sure wish Samsung would make some cases for their phones.  The market has so many inferior ones. Bought a few and they fit the S10 horribly.  When I bought it I bought the Zagg shield to add to the screen.  Since it's on, it really adds height to the screen and finding a case that's high enough on all screen sides is pretty tough.  I prefer a one-piece case as the other cases that require you to lock a front frame to the back of the case hinders using the keyboard as easily.  


I get that Otter Box has some durable ones but again their multiple piece cases that just add so much bulk.  Anyone have a case that works very well and protects their phone screen well?  Please share. 

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