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Fingerprint sensor not responding.

 I am having this  issue with my S10.  It says fingerprint sensor is not responding.

I contacted Samsung and chatted with a pro.

They had me wipe my cache and the phone worked briefly.

Stopped working again, so I contact them again.  They sent me to a Samsung authorize repair shop.  They said they downloaded new software and it worked...briefly again.

So I contacted Samsung a 3rd time and they want me to send my phone in to them???

They won't send me a loaner or replacement phone.  I am not going to go without a phone for 2 weeks!!!


 I just tried disabling Developer Options, hoping that was finally the solution but unfortunately it is not!

I, unlike others on here, think it is a hardware issue.  My spouse has the same phone and has no issues!  If it was software, wouldn’t every S10 have this issue?


 I have had an S3, S5, S7, S8, S9 and now S10.  This is by far the worst phone I have had of all of these.

Their best phone in my opinion was the S9 and I so wish I had mine back!

I even went to my phone store yesterday and I can’t get out of my lease, even if I “downgraded” to an S9… I am stuck with this lemon until April…


So where do I go from here?