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Flickering/Unresposive screen and touchscreen (possibly liquid damaged)

At the beginning of the year, I got my Samsung Galaxy S10 from Sprint and had no trouble with it whatsoever. Then, three months later, I accidentally spilt some sort of liquid in the same place of my phone and it leaked into the ports at the bottom of the phone. Left it outside to clean it up (not with water obvsly) and dry it, but one hour later (when I went to check it out), it worked for a minute until the screen went black and the touchscreen became unresponsive. I could still receive calls, sound, vibration, and power at the moment, but the screen dimly flickered  or stayed black every time  Iclicked the power button to wake it up. Funny enough, the water damage indicator (inside the SIM Card slot) did not show any sign that it was liquid damaged. Given the circumstances, however, I came to the conclusion that the liquid soap damaged the display and touchscreen parts inside. Where is it that I go from here? Why my sound still works if the liquid has leaked into the bottom? What steps do I take to ensure a backup of my data inside?