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Galaxy S10: Camera setting 'Keep Last Used Mode' cannot be disabled


I am having an issue with the camera settings in the Galaxy S10. Please see below for issue description and my phone details. Let me know if I can provide more info, thanks.


Issue background: The S10 camera app has a setting in Settings > Camera Modes called 'Keep using last mode'. This is described as 'Start camera on the last mode you were using', and it has two settings: enabled and disabled. 


Issue Descripton: The issue is that regardless of if the setting is disabled or enabled, the camera application will always pull up the same mode that was last used when reopening the application from one-motion lockscreen swipe, by switching back via recent apps, or by launching the app with the app icon. This setting appears to only be taken into effect when the application is closed by killing the app manually or restarting the phone, which essentially makes the feature & setting useless.


Phone environment information:

Model number: SM-G973U

Camera app version:

Android Version: 9.0

Carrier: T-Mobile