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Galaxy S10 & S10+ WiFi and Network Issues

Samsung has checked the other articles as "Solved" on this forum over and over for the SAME subject- WiFi and Network connectivity issues. My wife can swap my SIM in to her iphone and get 40+mbps, and on my S10+ it is only 2.8mbps. We have tried everything below.

- Turning off mobile hotspot

- Clearing cookies, data, cache

- Hard reset

- Checking for updates regularly 

- Running in Safe Mode

- Changing Battery settings to prioritize network speeds and connectivity 


Still, I miss calls and texts on WiFi. Sometimes not getting them until days later and being confused. Still, I cannot simply surf the internet like I need to with High Speeds of 100mbps+ being available on my WiFi. 


 Samsung, Make right on your commitment to your customers. We trusted you and gave you our hard earned money. As much as I have read on this issue, and it being a global issue, this should be a class action lawsuit.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Galaxy S10 & S10+ WiFi and Network Issues

I have WiFi issues with my S10+ on Sprint. I have Nest Wifi router/points. This was a replacment phone for the original launch phone from last year that had known issues. Now this phone has WiFi issues. When I turn on WiFi, some apps start randomly being able to connect to internet or devices in my house. Nest app can't connect to my cameras, Google Home can't control my devices, other apps can't get out to internet, like Facebook. When I turn off WiFi, everything works. Issue occurs on any wireless network.