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Galaxy S10 'regular' super blurry images

Hey All, Not sure what has been happening, but ever since getting my S10 I can't seem to get the pictures taken to come out really well. Just looking at an image on my phone is not crisp at all and looks grainy. Zooming in is even worse. This issue doesn't seem to occur for videos, however. Those came out nice and crisp. As far as settings goes, I am using auto mode, I do tap to attempt focus, and I have the image size 'Full'. Whatever that means because Samsung took away the ability to actually see what resolution you are selecting, ie.. 1800x1400, I know that isn't standard just an example. Maybe something to do with that? Went snowboarding today, view the pics in full screen and you will see what I mean. Pics look like it came from a camera a decade ago. Only one of the photos were zoomed. The others were at stock zoom 1x. Please let me know your ideas, am really puzzled with this. My S8 took good pics even if you didn't tap to focus. Please feel free to put comments on the photos, constructive criticism would be helpful. I use auto because I don't typically have time to mess with settings, nor should I have too since most of the world uses point and shoot auto settings. Thanks, Chris

Re: Galaxy S10 'regular' super blurry images

I am having similar issues with my S10e. Picture looks great when I took it (no zooming left on 1x). When viewing the picture, when zoomed in it's very grainy. Not sure if there is some setting that can changed to fix this issue. I am taking pictures in 'Photo' mode (aka Auto...i assume).


I thought Samungs camera supposed to be top notch...never expected these kind of pictures.