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Galaxy s10 plus

I am very disappointed with Galaxy phones,  that curved screen is not good . I always been android user, and decided to switch from LG to Samsung.  With in one year I have purchased 2 Samsung phones . First I got Samsung galaxy S8 plus ... loved it , got me OTTER BOX with is not cheep , 2 month   and I dropped it , screen shattered really bad I could not use it anymore,  I never had insurance on my phones before because in 10 years I have dropped many LG phones and never had problems with screen,  never shattered.  Few month later I used my husband's upgrade and got S10 plus, good case for $70.00 and today I dropped the phone and same thing happened.  I believe it has something to do with curved screen . I can not afford to buy another phone and it is very costly to fix screen,  so I would not recommend to purchase this phone,  all though I love it .