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Group Text Messages problem (update)

(Topic created on: 12/25/20 6:34 AM)
Galaxy S10
I called Sprint that is my Carrier and apparently this is happening to everyone whether it's an android or an iPhone. After I got the phone with them all the sudden all my texts went through and I was able to send them so apparently the issue has been resolved. However if it isn't check with your Carrier it's happening to Samsung 10 and certain iphones..

 Happy holidays in may next year be a save one for all!!!!

Starting this morning when I was sending group text it would not go through it would just show the circle that it was downloading but wasn't going through. I don't have this issue with individual text. At first it was a problem when I sent texts with an attachment but then I send a regular group text no attachments still having this issue... Is anyone else having this issue
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Galaxy S10
This is a long standing issue ... no matter if using Samsung Messages or Google Messages.

I know, I was involved in two different threads over in Google Messages forum (some reaching 200+ posts).

What many of us see within group chats is, one or more folks are using iPhones. But don't hold me to that, cause I've seen the "spinning post" from an Android user.

What we experience is that the post doesn't have the spinning wheel within the group chat, but it'll be spinning in the person's text thread who posted, and that chat (text) hasn't "made it" into the group chat section.

The workaround that we do is to turn on Airplane mode, kill the chat program, wait 10 or so seconds, then turn off Airplane mode so Mobile data is back, then open the chat (text) app back up ... and the spinning posts show up in the group chat