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Help! Unable to find photos and albums on my SD card on S10+

I've had absolutely no problem Ms with my S10+ up until this morning. For whatever reason, my Gallery is not displaying any of the photo albums I've stored on my SD card. I know I have plenty of storage available on both internal memory and the SD card. I didn't install anything crazy in the last few days. I did an operation to delete unnecessary files and free disk space but this was only 4GB. I'm missing folders and files over 25000 in number.


What can I do? My phone is running the latest version of Android and there are no updates available.


Also I tried using Disk Digger to retrieve  files but I can't find a way to save them anywhere. Does DiskDigger only retrieve files in JPG format? They seem to be much smaller than the sizes in which they were stored on my phone. For example , I use the full screen mode when shooting pictures. The average file size is 2-3 mb but DiskDigger is showing me jpeg files that are 30-50kb?? 


What the heck,  Samsung??!! I am currently on a trip and I've taken nearly 1000 amazing photos . Now I can't find any of them... Or the many albums I've saved over the last few years. 😭😭😭😭