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Help with pictures taken on the camera app.

HI! This is my first samsung phone again after the S5. 

Could someone help me please, everythime i take photos on the native camera app vertically(portrait) on any mode. The picture will stay vertical when i view it on the gallery but everytime I send the picture or upload the picture on the majority of the social apps i have, the pictures automatically rotates 90° to the left and im starting to find this very frustrating. Thank you guys

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Help with pictures taken on the camera app.

Does this still occur after you clear the cache of your Gallery and Camera applications?

You can follow this pathway to give it a try.

Settings>Applications>Gallery>Storage>Clear Cache

Settings>Applications>Camera>Storage>Clear Cache.

Afterwards, we recommend performing a soft restart of the device.

Hope this finds you well!


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