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Home Wifi not allowing MMS

We have an Xfinity mobile plan and got the S10e's about 2 months ago.  Unfortunately we've been having issues with sending MMS while on Wifi and I know I've seen a bunch of comments and discussions about this.  For us its a little different.


With mobile data off, we can send and receive MMS through most Wifi networks (where I work, a random museum, hotel, etc.), but when we're home it won't go through.  We've spoken with Samsung when we initially thought it didn't work through Wifi at all and they constantly told us it was Xfinity.  Then we would talk to Xfinity and they would tell us it was Samsung.  Once we narrowed down though that it could be done and it just depended on the Wifi network, we really started to focus on Xfinity, who is also our internet provider.


Each time we contact them, we tell them the issue and they ignore us and send us through the standard troubleshooting process.  We finally got through to the next level and they were supposed to call us back, but that hasn't happeded yet.


In any event, I'm assuming this should be at least mostly related to Wifi settings?  Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on what Wifi network settings could be causing this?  Its curious becasue I setup the Wifi network at the house and just used standard settings on the ASUS router, so I can't think of anything special I would have done that would exclude MMS when other networks don't.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks!