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I get alert sounds and my phone vibrates when I listen to an audio file on whatsapp.

I' ve searched everywhere but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Everytime I try to listen to an audio file on whatsapp, an alert sound also plays and the phone starts to vibrate. I've noticed the the rythm of the alert sounds, is linked to a blinking pixel that appears above the percentage of the battery. Trying to find out what was that, I found out said pixel is the proximity sensor, and it blinking is totally normal, but mine is the only case I've found where the blinking also produces a sound and the phone to vibrate. Besides that, my phone works perfectly. The screen turns black when I place the phone close to my face while making a call, and said calls are perfect. I think the problem might be the screen protector, but if that were the case, shouldn't the proximity sensor not work at all? I want to be sure the problem is the screen protector before removing it. And I would also like to know the meaning of it happening just to my phone. Thanks to whom might be able to bring some light into this situation