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I hate it when they take something away. Like UI 3.0 just did to me.

(Topic created on: 1/26/21 7:10 PM)
Galaxy S10

My wife's S10 and mine were just updated to UI 3.0.  Now the Always On Display that I liked so much is not as useful as it was.  We used to use clocks that had LARGE time numbers so they could easily be read from bed when it was on the charger on the night stand.  AND, the color changed to a darker red at night.  Without the red color, it lights up the whole bedroom.


I don't like the vertical sliders for volume control either.  And icons instead of text to tell you what the different sliders are for.  Just a change for no particular reason.  If anything, more difficult to use.


And you would think more thought would go into some of the first things you see in the UI.


Not to mention taking away the MST and the SD card on the S21....  Don't get me started.


So can someone recommend an AOD clock that works like the old one?

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