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IMS service keeps stopping

I have/had a new Samsung Galaxy s10+ that started showing the IMS service keeps stopping error after an upgrade. I spent hours following steps to correct this. I did a factory data reset to no avail. I went to the AT&T store who worked on it and said to call AT&T warranty for a claim. I did, the tech went into my phone, made some changes, then did a factory data reset, then said it was fixed. I asked him to wait until the phone started and darn, the error showed up. i was told to bring it to an AT&T store so they could go through the steps he jsut went through.I asked to speak to a superviser, and wasa sent a NEW phone. I am setting it up and BAM up comes the IMS service keeps stopping error again.


What is the definitive solution, Samsung, because I will keep getting warranty replacement phones until this issue is fixed.