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Individual and Group text message personalization

With the new update, you can only personalize notification sounds in the menu for the conversation. However if you delete that conversation, the personalized tone also gets removed. All of that is really really terrible. It's awful. But the bigger issue I'm having with that crappy update is that the sounds I've been using to personalize are not built in sounds. I've used a different app to aquire the notification sounds I prefer. I've been able to use them on my previous Samsung Galaxy phones. I currently have the s10e and I had to watch a video and jump through hoops to figure out how to set them to individual contacts. But now with the new update, I'm back to being unable to use those sounds. I would rather not have to download a different app to use for messages. But if I can't use the sounds I'm used to, I guess I'll have no other choice. Does anybody know how to fix this?