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Laggy galaxy 10 plus

Is anybody else's phone laggy? Mine for example wont close recent applications from recent menu most of the time and other times my fingerprint isnt able to be used to unlock my phone either it will say the pattern has to be drawn after a restart but wasnt restarted. Seems like this new update has created a lot of problems that it didnt have before. Also, the keyboard can be made better with better spelling check and actually help to make better sense of sentences.


Re: Laggy galaxy 10 plus

My S10 Plus has been lag free. Working great. I recommend backing up your content or transfering it to  an sd card. Then do a factory reset to start your phone off fresh as if it was brand new. This should get things fresh again and take away lag.👍 Let me know how it goes.. it could also be certain apps as well running in the background causing your phone to slow down. So check that first.


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