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Missing Calendar Galaxy S10

Hi Samsung Forum. 

I have a customer which the last many years have been using hes email account as pop3 - and therefor his been using DavX5 for calendar syncronize towards a Zimbra Server 


Suddenly a sync issue appears without his notice - and he have continued inserting new calendar  appoinments. Then he did a reboot of the Phone - and then it did resyncronize - but all appoinments are gone.  The syncronization is actually working - but the Calendar he have been vieweing must been some kindf of tmp calendar carse of the synchronization issues. 

So now he have lost the next 4 months of appoinments. 

The main issue as I see it - is that the Davx5 on the phone was handling all appoinments ( he didn't approve through outlook etc - only on the phone) 

Is there anywhere there's a chance for getting this tmp calendar file somehow? 
I have been talking with the Davx5 people which just point on the samsung Calendar App as the problem so actually no help for a paid program. 


So now I hoping you can help me find or restore any of many appointments that are missing at the moment


Thanks in advance