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Moisture detected in charger/USB port error



I'm looking for assistance on my 3 month old phone which has been giving me problems over the last few days.


I was happily using my phone one night when it suddenly presented me with the moisture detected error. I wasn't alarmed by this as I have had this error in the past and it has disappeared after shaking the device and leaving it to dry off naturally. However, this time the error persisted. I waited around 6 hours and still the error was present. I decided to do all possible troubleshooting I could find (shaking the device, blowing cool and slightly warm air into the port, clearing USB data, turning on the phone in safe mode and also factory resetting the device). All of these troubleshooting methods have not worked and I am still unable to plug a wire into the port. 


The strange thing about this who situation is that the device has never been in contact or submerged in water. Also, I charge the device wirelessly which means that the port isn't used that often. The phone is not rooted and has no physical damage so I am flumuxed as to what the issue is on this. 


If anyone has any suggestions on how I can remove the error that would be greatly appreciated. I am not massively affected by the error as I can charge wirelessly but I still would like the device to be fully functioned as you would expect.


Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Moisture detected in charger/USB port error

Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend a service repair. Can I please have your full model number and IMEI in a private message: