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Moisture warning comes and goes

Ok so about a month has gone by since I encountered a problem with the new galaxy s10+. I found that my phone would no longer charge for any reason what so ever. After unplugging the charger and plugging it back in several times to see if that would work, I eventually got an error saying I have moisture has been detected in my phones charge port. Keep in mind this warning showed up after my phone would not charge. I then restarted my phone, used a different charger and adapter but the problem persisted. Then, on a random attempt to get to work, the warning dissapeared and the phone charged 1 full session. At this point I thought everything was back to normal but then the following day when I went to plug the device in, I found myself back the the beginning. No warning, but no charging. Then after several attempts again, the moisture detection reappeared and to this day, it has remained. Today however, the message went away and I was yet again able to charge the phone 1 full session. But you guessed it, the detection error is back. I'm beginning to think its something more than moisture, considering I did all the methods to drying the phone. Its disappointing because it's such an expensive phone and I'm already having a major issue


I get the same messages with my Note 8. For the last year...

I get the same messages with my Note 8. For the last year, I have to unplug, plug in, power off, power on, and the message eventually goes away. Verizon tech support is no help at all. I wish I had some advice, but it sounds like you are doing all that is possible.


Ive been having the same issues with a replacement phone....

Ive been having the same issues with a replacement phone. Have changed it twice in the past 2 weeks and the new replacement phone they gave me is doing the same...