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My phone keeps experiencing random reboots and app crashes


I'm experiencing random reboots several times per day as well as ocasional App crashes. The issues started after I inadvertently allowed a software update to proceed when connected to a VPN during a trip to China. I believe the update was poorly installed, and after that I kept having repeated app crashes (above all Google Play Store, which I had to force shutdown to get the phone working at a minimum) and random system reboots. I waited for 1 month until the next software patch and installed it at home in France, and app crashes stopped for the most part, but the reboots continued. I followed the Google Help Page on "Fix an Android device that's restarting or crashing", and after trying all of the basic steps, finally decided to perform a factory reset. But I had issues even during the formatting (!!!), as the phone would reboot during the procedure and stop it from finalizing. After much struggle I managed to complete the factory reset, but the phone keeps experiencing random reboots, and app crashes are back. For info, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10 running on Android 10. I first posted this message on the Google / Android support board but was directed here. Please advise!

Re: My phone keeps experiencing random reboots and app crashes

I'm having the same issues. Phone updated in early Jan and now it keeps freezing and I have to do a soft reset to get it going again