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Need help unlocking

Got a lock pattern on my other phone and don't remember what it is. How can I unlock it?

Product Expert

Re: Need help unlocking

Hello user,


I am sorry to hear that! There is a way to unlock your device if you had set it up on your phone before having forgotten the lock pattern. If you set up Find My Device on your device and linked it to your Samsung Account you can unlock your device by going to and entering in your Samsung Account Information. 


If that is not the case you can get your phone unlocked by going to Samsung Authoized Repair Center at any UbreakIfix Store or Samsung Store but you may need to pay a small fee to get it unlocked and they will not do it without a Proof of Purchase to show you are the owner of your device. Keep in mind if you do this option they would effectively wipe your device of your data. This may not be an issue at all if you had backed up your phone prior to this unfortunate situation. 


Let me know if you have any other questions, hope this helps!