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No replacement S-pens for the Aura Blue Galaxy Note 10

Samsung advises us to contact J&J international aka Samsung's supposed "partner" for replacement parts such as the S-pen or phone screens. Yet you guys can locate the part and provide the part number and find this item and their Screen's within At least your CSR's could. But when a consumer call's such as myself I am told by multiple employees at that they don't sell S-pens they don't sell  Screen replacements. When the truth is in order to receive a replacement S-pen you have to contact Corporate who gives the okay to remove a cloud silver S-pen out of a brand new box containing a Galaxy note 9 and the original accessories. 

After spending over 40 hrs on the phone with customer service reps who were sure they could find this cloud silver S-pen. Yet none of them were successful. The bottom line is Samsung does not provide replacement S-pens. This is a marketing strategy also known as planned obsolescence. If you have doubts check it out. Right now Samsung is selling Aura Blue Galaxy Note 10's. With no replacement S-pens.

If you call sales and ask them if you can buy some extra S-pens before you buy your Aura Blue Galaxy note 10 they will tell you they are not available. As they don't provide them. So let me ask these rhetorical questions. How can Samsung find parts such as a screen or S-pen on if they do not have them? How Can Samsung Replace phone screens that are damaged?

They get these parts from or J&J international. But why would they refer us there if they knew they didn't sell these parts. Customer service representatives actually don't know this they just know they get their parts from J&J international aka Otherwise, they would never tell a customer to call a place they had never done business with. At least you would hope the company we spend $1,000 or more for a new Galaxy Note wouldn't refer us to someone they had no idea would have those parts or not. You would find it weird to think someone like me stayed on the phone after talking to Samsung who provided model & part numbers for my desired replacement parts long enough to look them up myself and find there were no parts. Then have the rep find each specific number threw J&J international's website search utility. Just to be advised to call them during business hours. This resulted in the inevitable answer we don't sell S-pens or Screens at all.

I promote Samsung and their products on YouTube, Facebook, My website's and many other platforms. So I took the time others wouldn't in order to find out; why Samsung would provide such terrible customer service. When finally I had an idea that might make sense.

I thought maybe Samsung only failed to provide replacement S-pens for specific phones. One's that would be the top-selling phones. This would make them a lot of money on repeat business. So I called and tried to purchase both S-pens. Sure enough, I was right they only failed to provide the S-pen replacements for the special edition colors if you will. I called on black Friday and there was only one color available for Samsung's Note 10 in stock. The aura blue, the same as last year on Black Friday with cloud silver note 9. Then I asked myself why would Samsung do this. Planned obsolescence isn't illegal but their reputation surely would be much more valuable than the small amount of money they may gain in return. That's when it dawned on me Samsung got bailed out back in 2013 after releasing the #1 best selling phone in the first 2 weeks of its release; the Samsung Galaxy S5. If they hadn't got bailed out they would have gone into bankruptcy. Yes, Bankruptcy as the following three months there sells were not so great no-repeat business after making a grip-able back that wouldn't slide out of customers' hands & break. A phone with a cheap plastic bezel that insured the screen would never hit first when the phone fell on any flat surface. As that cheap bezel held up and stood a few centimeters above the screen. So the next year we see glass backs and similar AMOLED screens with a huge increase in price insuring you bought a new phone before paying to have it replaced. Planned obsolescence at its finest. would be a good way to show on paper a larger investment in parts and a smaller return in profit. This ensures there is a lot of unaccounted for-profit investors, would never benefit from and decreases the profits per phone creating a smaller profit and fewer taxes to pay. Also, they sold a tone of phones at a really cheap price on black Friday; which could show a loss of revenue which you would think nobody would plan on. But then take into account they determine the cost of parts and know a big percentage of customers will lose their S-pen and just buy a new phone as a customer who has a $1,000's lying around would rather buy a new phone then go on the easter egg hunt that would have to result in a corporate response in order to find a S-pen. We Note users who don't have the money to buy a new phone however are left with no choice. But Samsung wouldn't do this, would they? If you head over to Amazon and look for phone screens for sell you will see Samsung LLC selling the majority of them.  Yet Samsung has no affiliation with Samsung LLC according to the many reps and corporate employees I have spoken to. I know if I owned a company I sure wouldn't be referring customers to buy parts from a separate company so they could profit off of my invention. Yet Samsung reps send us to to find an S-pen or screen replacement. A company that does not sell either of these parts. That is to consumers or businesses other than Samsung. It's obvious someone has put the desire for a dollar higher on their priority list then the integrity of their business. But why spend money on employee's time trying to find parts that are none existant. Why not tell them you don't provide these s-pens does it go against Samsung's buyer agreement? Why is it that when you check into Samsungs stocks you will see how the price of parts has become more and more expensive over time. When usually the more you buy the lower the cost becomes. Yet the Note 10 weighs less than the note 9 there where fewer parts the battery life went up and somehow the cost of parts goes up too? I never call customer support I would rather fix my own phone then trust someone else.  But Samsung made that quite impossible. Even after being offered a free repair. I told them I would rather do it myself just send me the parts. Yet Corporates reply was to tell me they could not do this. they need me to send them the phone.

Stop this nonsense Samsung your worth 380 billion when is enough, enough?  


Re: No replacement S-pens for the Aura Blue Galaxy Note 10

I would suggest buying out samsung instead of Parts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£