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No wifi calling,hot phone when charging, battery draining

I have cricket and can't use wifi calling because I purchased an unlocked phone. Samsung should fix this, it's not carrier specific! What's the point in buying an unlocked phone if I can't use all the features my carrier has to offer? My sister purchased an unlocked iPhone Xr and has no problems with Cricket. The phone gets hot while charging and when I put it in my pocket. The battery drains faster then it should as well. Is anyone else having issues with their carrier and unlocked phones? I'm switching back to iPhone before my 15 days are up. The camera does take beautiful pictures outside but it's not impressing me indoors. I always loved samsung but this has been a very disappointing experience.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: No wifi calling,hot phone when charging, battery draining

Hey there!


Thanks for reaching out. I would recommend reaching out to your carrier regarding this.