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Not able to update to Android 10

I am currently using Samsung S10+ and I have been having trouble updating to Android 10 and to the new Samsung UI.  I am on AT&T and we have been troubleshooting every phone I get. I am currently on phone #3 for replacement because of this issue. We have tried OTA software update push, clearing network settings, factory resetting, new SIM cards, and new phones, starting in safe mode, clearing cache and so on. 


I now do not know what to do? I talked to a Samsusng representative that states that this is all AT&T fault, though I believe that the blame is to share on both sides since this is a Samsung product. 


Like I said again, I am on my third S10+ replacement and it came stock Android 9 and will not update to Android 10. If anyone has anymore tactics that I can try please let me know. Or if I should just push AT&T and Samsung to collectively just give me a full refund on all the money I have spent because this has been going on since the release of the S10 for me. 


Re: Not able to update to Android 10

Same issue. Have you resolved yours yet?