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Not receiving MMS

My phone is not receiving MMS messages. I have reached out to ATT twice regarding this matter and the problem is fixed for a little while then the MMS messages stop coming through and I get a No Network Connection error once again. I have tried clearing the cache, resetting the network connections, completed a factory reset, using a different messaging app, and had  the service provider re-establish the connection on their end. Nothing has worked to fix the problem beyond a few hours. There is no damage to the phone. I see many people people with other carriers having the same issue. It does not appear to be an ATT issue.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Not receiving MMS

AT&T is having a major outage across the US. i had a person told me earlier today that his at&t cell phone and at&t iPad both had no service. after he told me that I pulled out my Spectrum mobile phone to see if it was affecting Verizon towers good thing it wasn't. my suggestion to you is connect to wifi not AT&T wifi but any other wifi. and use wifi calling. it extends or make service available in areas you wouldn't receive service. very helpful in an outage like whats going on with AT&T right now